Short Hair

Strawberry Blonde Beauty

So beautiful. .. A-line strawberry and blonde beauty. Flat brush and round brush the top. We used leave in conditioner (cause we are in a desert) , and light surface repair oil for the ends. (It helps it look healthy even when a little dry) and surface hairspray make it a touchable shiny everyday style.…

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Blonde is Beautiful

So after we did her hair and looked at the pictures it reminded me of this pinterest picture. Not to bad. Thanks for your amazing hair Laura. Your a beautiful model. #pinterestpicture #blondeisbeautiful #blonde #iwanttocutmyhairnow #maybeafterilose50lbs #shantellhair Please follow and like us:

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We love Volume

Cute a-line and we love the volume. We used volume powder thermal spray and hairspray and a little pomade. #a-linecut #lovethishair #volumeisfun #gobigorgohome #shanhair Please follow and like us:

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Even Fine Hair can have Volume

First picture is damp and out of a pony, but even fine hair can have volume. Thanks fabulous Heather your beautiful inside and out. #dateready, #finetofabulous, #iamhavingsomuchfunicant, #lovehairitsmypassion, #thanksforwatching#shanhair Please follow and like us:

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